Looking for Your Company’s Next Star Employee? LinkedIn Can Help with That

One rule of thumb in the business world is that your company is only as strong as your star employees. Whether or not you believe that to be true, you can at least agree that top-performing employees contribute as much as 80% to the success of a company.

The question is, how do you find such an employee? What can you do to attract stellar candidates to your company and its success?

Revamp Your Company’s Profile

Make your presence known in social media — and in a big way. As of 2017, LinkedIn boasts over 500 million users. Take the following recommended steps to boost your profile.

  • If your organization has more than one brand, entity, or campaign, create a showcase page to promote specific brands to a targeted audience who can follow you independently of your main profile. A good example of this is Google which targets diverse audiences with their different niches such as Google Docs or Adwords.
  • Contribute useful, meaningful information and interact with your target audience. You want to use your LinkedIn company page to not just post company-specific information, but also create interesting subjects that start conversations. To keep your page current, aim to create such updates at least once per week.
  • Make your page keyword friendly. While social media drives a lot of traffic and increases your company’s presence, it goes hand in hand with SEO. The majority of job seekers use keywords to find jobs that fit their skills and preferences. Make sure your company profile uses important keywords.
  • Use the careers tab to aim for potential job candidates. In order to use this tool, you’ll need to subscribe to LinkedIn Premium. A careers page is similar to a showcase page and lets you discuss your company’s work culture along with current company news and current and former employee testimonials.
  • Similar to most other social network sites, your organization should also have an attractive background image. It’s the very first thing people see, so use it to your merit.

Start with Your Current Employees

More than half of Gen Z graduates say they look to their friends for information about job openings, which means that you can use this to build a talent pipeline. Encourage your present employees to post or repost available vacancies within your company.

In addition, LinkedIn recently added a new feature to its Recruiter tool which lets recruiters and hiring managers quickly locate candidates similar to the profile of a high-performing current employee. It will then produce a list of recommendations for comparable candidates. This can cut way down on the shortlisting process.

Tell Them What They Want to Hear

In today’s professional world, while money is a crucial factor, it is not everything. Successful employees also need to know that they matter to your company.

Furthermore, good relationships with colleagues and a positive work atmosphere is also essential.

Make sure you know what star candidates want. If you subscribe to LinkedIn Premium, send them an InMail requesting to connect. Make yourself available to answer questions. Communicate to them exactly how the position fits their professional goals.

Finally, an important question to ask yourself is if you were a job seeker, would you want to work at your company? List all of the positives as part of your LinkedIn profile and work to improve the negatives. This will bring you that much closer to attracting that rockstar employee.

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