LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents 101

There are more than 562 million LinkedIn users in the world. About 50 percent of them use this social media platform at least once a month. Of the 562 million users, approximately 146 million of them are from the United States. Since the average person buys or sells a home about every 11 years, that is 1.6 billion opportunities to be someone’s real estate agent. Yet, many people overlook LinkedIn when trying to sell real estate.

Provide Buyers and Sellers With Details

LinkedIn is often underutilized by agents, but it is the perfect place to build your case that you have the experience to handle a client’s purchase or sale. While you will want to complete every little bit of your profile, the simple step of adding the word realtor behind your name can help more people find you. You can also create a company page to drive more business your way.

Provides Credibility

Having a LinkedIn profile that is complete also helps you to enhance your credibility. While this is vital in the public’s eyes, it is equally important to current real estate agents. As Under Cover Real Estate reports, “you would be horrified to know how many “Guru’s” are peddling programs based on a few deals they did during the housing boom when you just had to fog a mirror to find a buyer – and haven’t done a deal since.”

If you profess to be an educator or trainer in the real estate scene, people want to know for certain that they’re getting training from professionals who actually know what they’re talking about. By displaying your training, your credentials, your experience, and your accomplishments for all the world to see, you gain a lot of trust not only from the public but also from your peers.

Build a Showcase

While you will probably want to feature homes that you are selling on your personal site, you can also put them on LinkedIn by creating a showcase page. You can also use this page to drive more traffic to your blog. Finally, these pages are a great place to feature special offers.


While you should not try to blanket connect with everyone who lives in your geographical area, you can use LinkedIn to build important networks that could help you to close more deals than ever before. The platform is a great place to connect with others in related industries that you may want to refer customers to at some point. Prime Plus Mortgages explains, “LinkedIn is the professional social media network. While it may have fewer users compared to Twitter, and Facebook, it’s members are actively and always looking to network within their industry.” Likewise, these professionals may want to refer their customers to you.

Educate Buyers and Sellers

Since LinkedIn allows you to post longer articles, this platform is great for convincing buyers and sellers how your approach could benefit them. This, in turn, makes potential clients more apt to contact you when they are wanting to purchase or sell a home in your geographical location. RESAAS explains, “you need to be posting, but you can’t just post willy-nilly. You need to know what to post and when to post it. Try to post content that’s relevant to your network and your connections, or else why would they keep you as a connection in their network?”

You can also use your posts to point possible clients to other work that you have posted on the internet. Make sure you educate buyers with the right information. This is true of an executor of an estate. Clever says, “Because probate sales are so different from other home sales, it is imperative that the executor hires an agent that knows the market very well, and has quite a lot of experience in probate sales.” So make sure you are giving out the right information and the best options no matter what kind of sale it is. 

There are many different reasons that realtors need to be using LinkedIn. Start planning your strategy on this platform today using these tips and your own ingenuity. Then, watch your business blossom.

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