Why Job Boards are Important for your Next Opportunity

My Resume is Ready, Now What?

If you’re a serious job-seeker, you’ve probably done some job searches by now and updated your resume. If you’re really serious, you may have worked with a professional resume writer to really optimize your content. So, now that you’re ready to have your resume seen, what should you do with it?

Today we’ll discuss job boards and why they’re so important in the hunt for your next opportunity.

So, what is a ‘job board’?

A job board is a website that allows you to post your resume and search jobs. When you add your resume to one of these websites, it joins a giant, searchable database. Depending on the website, it can also make it easier to apply for certain positions.

Posting your resume on job boards is a big step forward in your job seeking process. Recruiters search the resumes from these boards every day just like LinkedIn, looking for candidates that meet the requirements of positions they need to fill. If you’ve read our previous article on LinkedIn SEO, you’ll remember that recruiters search resumes for things like keywords and positions, so it’s recommended that you include the title of the next position you want in your resume.

But first things first, now that you have your resume ready, there are a few other things you might want to double check. Before taking this next step,


  1. Make sure that you’ve added all your recent accomplishments to your LinkedIn profile, know what kind of role you’re serious about pursuing and be sure that you’re prepared to start considering new opportunities.
  2. If all of that is good to go, then it’s time to start getting your information out there. One of the quickest way to do that will be these job boards. Everyone has their own preference, but some of the most popular general-purpose ones right now are Careerbuilder.com, Monster.com and Indeed.com. Some of these websites will allow you to upload your resume, but most will require you to fill in the boxes in their website so they can more easily identify categories like location, title and company that would be more difficult to discern otherwise.  Depending on how active or discreet you’d like to be, Indeed.com differentiates itself from the other two previously mentioned websites by withholding your phone number. It requires recruiters to send you an email first, describing the position and asking if you’re interested. If you respond to them that you are interested, Indeed.com will reveal your phone number to them.
  3. One last thing to keep in mind is that many recruiting agencies use programs called Applicant Tracking Systems to keep track of potential candidates, manage the hiring process and download resumes from job boards into their own internal systems. When they transfer resumes from the internet, things ranging from font size and text, to the use of images and odd layouts, can affect the ability of these programs to convert your information, so be careful with your formatting!

Hopefully now you’ve got a better idea of how to use job boards to get contacted for more opportunities. If you’d like to learn even more ways to improve your online presence, get contacted by recruiters and receive more interview offers, ➜BOOK with me now: 📆 Bit.ly/Calendar4Kat

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