How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Gain More Views

Have you heard of SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  It’s the practice of intentional word choice to elicit a relatively high placement in search results. By using specific keywords and repeating certain key search terms, a website can optimize itself to be the best match for certain specific searches.

Use Specific Keywords

To get more attention from recruiters and hiring managers, you have to apply this ideology to your LinkedIn Profile. The first major realization a job seeker can make is that every single day thousands, if not millions, of recruiters conduct searches on LinkedIn using a variety of keywords, locations, titles, skills, etc. Recruiters can even search by the name of your company or the industry you list yourself in at the top of your profile (next to your location). So, among other things, it’s very important to spell your company name right and pick your industry deliberately.

You work for a relatively large, mid-size, or social media-savvy company, you can check if the spelling is correct by clicking on the company name while viewing your profile. If it takes you to a search, then it didn’t work properly. Instead, when you click on the name of the company, it should take you to the company’s LinkedIn page. Making sure this is correct can also make your profile page more aesthetically pleasing and professional, as it will usually display the company’s logo alongside your experience on your Profile. This also allows recruiters, if previously unaware of your past or current employer, to do some quick research.

Use Your Summary to Showcase a few Lists

Additionally, you can use your summary to showcase a few lists. Whether it’s certifications, licenses, training’s, titles, or skills, these are all keywords that will be present in recruiter’s searches. So with respect to this keyword optimization, try for a moment to think of yourself as defined in these kinds of searchable terms. Recruiters don’t typically search for characteristics or personality traits such as passionate, accomplished, talented, loving, etc. While these descriptions are nice and helpful to paint a picture of you as a person, and can maybe even contribute to the recruiter’s snapshot of your fit with their particular client’s corporate culture, these personality terms won’t help you gain more views in the way that adding keywords does.

Incorporate Keywords in Your Profile Summary

Another way to incorporate keywords in your Profile Summary instead of lists, can be to tell a story of your accomplishments. By discussing achievements and highlighting how you can add value to an organization, you show real-world application of experience and skills. If you can do this while also keeping keywords in mind, your Summary section will be much better off for it. Ideally, once you’ve used an important key word 2-3 times, it’s probably time to incorporate some synonyms. By using synonyms, you give yourself a better chance of appearing in search results, and generally speaking, the more matching terms your profile has, the higher it should appear.

Increase the Number of LinkedIn Connections

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