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After some recent changes LinkedIn made to the way their Premium Accounts work, recruiters now see your profile pre-sorted by LinkedIn. Now, when a recruiter searches through LinkedIn profiles for keywords (as we’ve discussed in previous articles), profiles are returned in 4 categories. These are divided into ‘Past Applicants,’ ‘Open to New Opportunities,’ ‘Are More Likely to Respond,’ and ‘Total Candidates.’ The ‘Are More Likely to Respond’ section generally includes many profiles from the ‘Open to New Opportunities’ section, while the ‘Total Candidates’ category includes the profiles from all the other sections, with plenty of additional ones. ‘Past Applicants’ is a category made up of all the people who have applied to that recruiter’s company’s jobs in the past and meet the search criteria.

So, what do these categories mean for you?

By sorting out the profiles for recruiters ahead of time, LinkedIn gives them the option to take a shortcut. Instead of searching through profiles of people that rarely use LinkedIn or hardly ever respond to messages, recruiters can start their search in one of the other categories like ‘Open to New Opportunities,’ which we discussed how to enable in this article, or ‘Are More Likely to Respond,’ which we’ll discuss today.

The general ‘Total Candidates’ section contains every profile that matches the parameters of a recruiter’s search. This lumps everyone in together, whether you have no picture and 2 connections, or the best LinkedIn Rockstar profile, both will be in the ‘Total Candidates’ section. So, what you want to do is move into one of the other categories too, because it is highly likely that a recruiter would check one of these other categories first, since the amount of results are less and they’re much more likely to get a response (according to LinkedIn).

What’s the easiest way to get into one of these other categories?

If you don’t want to designate yourself as ‘Open to New Opportunities,’ but also don’t want to dissuade recruiters and hiring managers from contacting you with potential positions in the future, you may want to aim for the ‘Are More Likely to Respond’ category. To accomplish this, all you have to do is show LinkedIn’s algorithms that you check LinkedIn often enough and respond to messages regularly.

If you don’t use LinkedIn often, try to make a habit of logging on for 5 minutes a day. Leave a comment on a post, or ‘like’ a few things. After you’ve connected with someone, send them a little message thanking them for the connection. If they write back, you write a little something back too. If a recruiter contacts you for an opportunity and you’re not interested, still write back, even if just to say ‘No Thanks.’ If you can make these few adjustments, in no time, you will have proved your responsiveness to LinkedIn and will be placed into the ‘Are More Likely to Respond’ category, which will push you to the short-list of candidates recruiters view before they look at all the profiles.

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