You have probably heard that LinkedIn can increase your real estate leads. You can take your real estate business further with this social media network. LinkedIn is a powerful way of attracting clients to your real estate business when used correctly. Here are some tips that can help you start using this powerful tool to your advantage.

Add Real Estate Education to Your LinkedIn Profile

List your real estate license and other relevant certifications and education on your LinkedIn profile to establish credibility. Stay up to date with real estate trends and topics. You can use your education to post informative articles and comments to show clients you’re knowledgeable. If there is a new license that is relevant to your real estate business and will further your career, obtain it and add the license to your LinkedIn profile.

Strengthen Your LinkedIn Profile

After you have added your real estate education and licenses to your LinkedIn profile, you are ready to work on strengthening your profile with other details. Ask past clients for reviews to display on your LinkedIn profile. Also, remember to ask other real estate professionals for endorsements. Reviews are a powerful way to improve your credibility and earn a potential client’s trust. Additionally, you can entice people who are looking for real estate by including pictures of your successful listings. When they see the types of homes you have successfully sold, they will be more likely to work with you. Buyers will know you can find attractive homes. Sellers will know that you can help them sell their homes.

Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Updated

Many people neglect their LinkedIn accounts after gaining new clients. However, you should regularly update your LinkedIn profile to make sure potential clients are viewing accurate information. If an aspect of your real estate business changes, you’ll need to update your account. Keeping your LinkedIn profile updated also keeps new clients coming in. Nurture the relationships that you have put effort into building. Post projects that were a success and discuss current real estate news and trends to help keep your LinkedIn profile updated. You can also join relevant groups for networking and keeping your account active.

As a social media network geared toward professional use, LinkedIn is an effective way of furthering your real estate business. You can connect with other real estate professionals and attract new clients with LinkedIn. Fill out your profile with important details and keep it updated for the best results.

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