Applying for Receptionists Positions? Make Sure These Skills Are on Your LinkedIn Profile

If you are looking to get noticed on LinkedIn by employers who want a quality receptionist, then you may be looking to revamp your profile to flaunt your skills. But which skills are the most important to list when trying to land that receptionist position? Listing the correct attributes will increase your visibility to potential employers and help you to receive more job offers. Make sure these valuable skills are listed on your LinkedIn profile.


Excellent communication is a very important skill to have in life and it is especially important as a receptionist. Communication comes in many forms and future employers are going to want to know that you can communicate in both written and verbal form. This means being able to write clear and concise memos and being able to have productive meetings and conversations both in person and over the phone. A great receptionist listens actively, asks thoughtful questions, speaks clearly and succinctly, and is a master of nonverbal communication.

Customer Service

Great receptionists will be able to handle multiple aspects of customer service. This includes greeting clients or customers upon arrival, providing answers to general questions about products or business procedures, and handling certain client or customer centered requests. A great receptionist can handle customer service in a manner that makes the client or customer feel at ease. To really optimize your LinkedIn profile, make sure to list relevant customer service skills such as patience, attentiveness, and adaptability, as well as any others you may find relevant.


Being a receptionist often means having to do multiple things at once which is why it is important to list multi-tasking as one of your skills on your LinkedIn profile. Rather than vaguely stating that you have the ability to multitask, be specific. List the kinds of activities that you can do simultaneously. Also, mention personality traits and skills that can be beneficial in an environment where you must multitask. Try stating that you work well under the pressure of multiple assignments or requirements.

Put Your Best Photo Forward

While not technically a skill, your profile photo is your first introduction to future employers. While that photo of you enjoying a great vacation in the islands may be eye-catching, you will want to greet prospective employers in with a clear, professional grade headshot. Make sure to wear business attire as well. Think of your LinkedIn photo as the first step in the interview process and dress and pose accordingly.

Great receptionists are skilled on multiple levels and listing those skills most relevant to future employers on your LinkedIn profile will help you land the position right for you. Understanding what employers are looking for in a receptionist and tailoring your profile to those needs will increase your visibility and provide the first line of understanding for employers regarding how qualified you are for the position you seek. Happy job hunting!


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