Kathleen-TamburinoKathleen Tamburino has come a long way since her days as a 7 year business teacher and 10+ year sales profession. Through her dedicated focus and a deep passion to empower others to find success, Kathleen has emerged as a highly advanced, multi-faceted LinkedIn Expert and Professional Resume Writer. She is an educator and teacher at heart. Her exceptional training, coaching and done-for-you services plus her public relations and networking skills has made her the go-to-expert for many entrepreneurs, real estate agents and SMB Owners.

Kathleen has spent more than 4 years building an online business with a focus for LinkedIn lead generation and training, and resume/cover letter creation. She has created done-for-you programs, an online LinkedIn Leads Lab and is also the creator of “Profiles That Perform” 4-week training program.

Kathleen has successfully helped a medical recruiting firm create over $1 Million in less than 8 months using LinkedIn and she readily shows others how to do the same. A master at creating strategies and developing powerful relationships on LinkedIn, Kathleen almost effortlessly resolves multiple complex issues on LinkedIn while motivating clients and communities to find leads to grow their business. Kathleen has attended webinars as a guest speaker for several entrepreneurs to teach their communities how to effectively use LinkedIn.

Kathleen developed a simple, authentic and dependable system to generate leads on LinkedIn which best positions herself to grow her business. She teaches her clients the “Psychology of LinkedIn” which is the 8 Steps to Finding New Clients.

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world with over 500 Million users. Kathleen has found it to be a great fit for businesses not only to promote themselves, but to establish connections, build relationships, generate leads, and build their brand. LinkedIn is a huge game changer for B2B companies and entrepreneurs and Kathleen is known for making the profile work and help generate leads to grow businesses.

Kathleen lives in sunny South Florida and is originally from Long Island, New York. She enjoys the outdoors, beach, yoga, volleyball, playing the piano and spending time with family and friends.


My goal is to make the process as painless as possible for you.  I will work with you throughout the entire process, by phone, Zoom, and email -- no personal visit is required.

Contact me for a free evaluation and price quote. Then I'll contact you with my recommendations, and a quote for rewriting. Lastly, I’ll send you a written quote and agreement to complete and sign.
Once I receive your signed agreement, I will schedule a consultation with you, which I will conduct via Phone or Zoom. I will review any other materials (old resumes, etc.) prior to the consultation.
During the phone consultation, I will ask questions about your background, with particular emphasis on your skills and accomplishments.
When your draft LinkedIn profile or resume is complete, I will send it to you (via email) for your review and approval, and ask you to send back any changes.


When your draft LinkedIn profile or resume is complete, I will send it to you (via email) for your review and approval, and ask you to send back any changes.