6 Best Tips on How to Follow Up After Connecting on LinkedIn

Has this ever happened to you when you receive a LinkedIn message?

You receive an invitation to connect with someone on LinkedIn whom you don’t know.

> You accept the invitation because you believe in networking and growing your network.

> Next, you receive a message on LinkedIn from this contact where they list everything they do and what they want to sell to you.

If that sounds familiar, how do you feel after reading this message? If you are like me, you may find it a bit too pushy.

There are reasons why you should NOT do this…

1. We are not in shopping mode; we are on LinkedIn to build relationships first…When I am on LinkedIn, I am most likely not actively looking to buy what the person emailing me is selling. Due to this, when they list out all of the products and features that they have to offer, it is not likely that there is going to be a response on my side anywhere close to “Yes, this is exactly what I need.”

2. This is an “all about me” approach…
Have you ever gone on a date with someone and all they did was talk about themselves? You may have found this to be quite annoying where it reaches a point where you’re not engaging anymore and completely turned off.

3. The email is usually too long and has too much information…
Most of the time, these emails are way too long going on and on about their products and/or services. We are all busy and it is unlikely that someone is going to read all of the details. If anything, you may not read any of the LinkedIn email based solely on a seeing a long email when first opening the message, especially if it’s in paragraph form.

4. Nobody likes being sold to…
We don’t mind buying stuff. There are many instances where someone in your network has something to offer that can help you. People who connect with me register for my Free webinar “3 LinkedIn Profile Secrets to Help you Get More Interviews”. After watching my webinar they sign up for my LinkedIn Training 4-week course.  Why? Because I build the relationship first and they understand the value they will get from the course. 

We never enjoy being sold to. And there is a key difference between buying something and being sold to. When someone sends you a “sold to” email right after connecting, the only thing they are trying to do is sell to you and that does not give most people a good feeling.

There is a better way…
Let’s face it, LinkedIn is filled with ideal prospects for each and every one of us. And many of those prospects truly need what we have to offer. It is also an amazing place to meet prospects and grow your network and business.

But there is a correct way to interact with prospects. There are changes we can make to how we write our follow-up message after a connection is established.  Here are “6 Best Tips on How to Follow Up After Connecting on LinkedIn”

1. Make the email more about them than you. 

Avoid the urge to talk all about you, your company, and your products/services in your message. Try to make your email more about them.

2. Focus on the pain resolved.

One way to write a LinkedIn email is to outline the problems that people in their role typically experience. More specifically, outline the challenges and problems you can help them solve.

If the contact has any of the challenges you mention, you may grab their attention and pique their interest. And if they do not have any of those challenges or problems, they are not a qualified prospect for you.

3. Focus on the value you offer.

Another way to write a LinkedIn email is to outline the value or benefits you offer. This may sound like you are talking more about you, but in reality, benefits are improvements that take place for the prospect if they hire you which focuses more about them than about you.

4. Express an interest in learning about them.

Effective networking involves learning about people you connect with. With that being the case, there is no better place than in a LinkedIn message to share that you would like to learn more about them and what they do.

5. Use brevity.

Whatever direction you go with your message, be as brief as possible. People are busy so any message that is more than a handful of sentences or in a long paragraph form will most likely be deleted or ignored.

6. Focus on the right goal.

When someone sends an email that lists all of the details about their products and/or services, their goal of that email is to get you to buy from them. Not only is this not a wise goal for all of the reasons I already outlined, but it is also not a realistic goal.

A better next step to take next that increases the chances of the new connection to buy from you is to simply have a conversation with them and build the relationship.  Once I build a relationship with my new connections, I schedule a time with them in my personal calendar to talk on the phone or meet with them virtually on Zoom.

Here is an example of a follow-up LinkedIn email I use:

Thank you for connecting, Mike! From my experience, LinkedIn is the best for meeting great professionals like you, finding amazing opportunities and sharing connections and resources. I endorsed some of your skills to help you rank higher in the LinkedIn Search Engine (free SEO, you are welcome!).

I looked at your profile carefully. If you are considering leveraging LinkedIn to be successful in your job search or finding clients, I would suggest that you continue adding content and keywords to your profile, and grow your network in your target industry to have access to more opportunities and people.  

As you continue developing your profile, make sure you use all the space available with your keywords, particularly in your header, Summary and job titles; otherwise, you will never be found in the Google and LinkedIn search engines.

Check out my profile for inspiration and feel free to steal my special characters for artistic emphasis (just copy and paste). Welcome to my network!



Your Success is My Focus

Hopefully now you’ve got a better idea of how to follow up after connecting on LinkedIn. If you’d like to learn even more ways to improve your online presence, get contacted by recruiters and receive more interview offers, ➜BOOK with me now: 📆 Bit.ly/Calendar4Kat




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